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How To Get Your Kindergartener To School Without A Struggle

28 Apr 17

Have you recently enrolled your child for kindergarten at Woodcrest Preschool in Agoura Hills? If so, congrats! We’re looking forward to having your little one at our private, accredited kindergarten.

If this will be your child’s first foray into a formal, outside the home education, you might feel yourself feeling a little anxious about how the transition is going to go. Your child will likely feel the same way, though they’re far too innocent to start worrying about it months in advance as you are.

If you have friends with children who have already entered kindergarten, it’s possible that they have you worried with stories about how hard life is when your child resists going to school every morning. For one reason or another, children are often resistant to change, especially if it’s the first time they’ll be spending significant amounts of time outside the home. While you may have dreams about packing cute little lunches, planning adorable outfits, and waving proudly as your child trots up the garden path to kindergarten, you’re probably in for harsh reality check.

Many parents struggle to get their kids to kindergarten in a timely manner every morning. And even if they make it across the threshold in time, it’s likely that they went through a massive hullabaloo to do so.

Here at Woodcrest Preschool in Agoura Hills, we’re dedicated to making the transition to kindergarten an enjoyable event for your entire family. That’s why we’ve put together this handy list of tips for getting your kids to school without a struggle.

Keep reading to learn more, and remember, if you haven’t yet chosen a kindergarten for your child, our Agoura Hills location is scheduling tours and enrolling new students now!

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Create An Official Routine

Far too many parents take the “seat of our pants” approach to getting ready for kindergarten. Then, on the first morning that their children attend school, they wonder why they’re flying around shouting out commands and searching for missing socks.

The best way to ensure that each family member knows what’s expected of them is to create a “Getting Ready For Kindergarten” routine. And don’t just create it in your head or recite it to your children verbally.

“Most young children are not auditory learners, Victoria Kindle Hodson, MA, co-author of Respectful Parents, Respectful Kids: 7 Keys to Turn Family Conflict Into Cooperation, told WebMD. “About 20% can get their information that way, but the rest are just dangling there, wondering what you said.”

That’s why it’s so important to write your routine down in a way that kindergarteners can understand. Create a giant, colorful checklist of preparatory tasks that can be referred to repeatedly throughout the morning. This also teaches your child responsibility and accountability!

Start Practicing Now

The best way to ensure that your carefully laid out routine flows smoothly on school mornings is to start practicing it now, months before you have to perform it officially. When you start practicing early, you can ramp up to the full list of tasks slowly so your child isn’t overwhelmed. Introduce it with three simple tasks: Wash up, get dressed (with shoes), make bed. Then, as they acclimate to the tasks, add more: Put on sunscreen, eat breakfast, feed cat, etc.

Exemplify Respect

No matter what approach you take to preparing your child for kindergarten, it’s important that you exemplify respect in all communication. Yes, your child may resist. Yes, they may cry, scream, or be disrespectful. But the parents who refuse to succumb to these head-to-head battles are often the most successful in the long run. Pay attention to the needs and concerns of your kindergartener, and address them when possible. When they feel respected, they’re more likely to relax and work with you.

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