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Benefits Of Attending A Private, Accredited Preschool

19 Jan 17

The early years of a child’s life are some of the sweetest and most fun, especially for their parents. In the 0 – 4 years, children are full of wonder and growing fast! It seems like every day they discover something amazing about the universe into which they’ve been born, using their newly developed cognitive, speech, and ambulatory skills to build relationships and establish their own personality. In these tender years, many parents wonder why it’s important to send their child to preschool. “What can they learn at private preschool that we can’t learn together here at home?” many moms and dads often ask us.

The truth is, there’s strong scientific evidence to suggest that attending a high-quality preschool learning program is the best way to set your child up for success later in life.

Results published in a report from the National Institute for Early Education Research suggest that all students, regardless of socioeconomic status, reap great benefits from participation in preschool learning programs. Across the spectrum of economic status, important social and cognitive improvements were seen in an array of students. Likewise, a 2004 NIEER poll found that an overwhelming number of kindergarten teachers support the notion that students who attend preschool possess more “school readiness skills” that allow them to quickly adapt to kindergarten classrooms.

Preschool Is The Foundation Of Early Learning

What this and other similar research shows us is that preschool truly is the foundation of early learning, giving your child the chance to prepare themselves for the academic and social challenges they’ll face in the decades ahead. You wouldn’t give child subpar food or buy them shoddy toys that put their safety at risk, so why cut corners when it comes to their education?

At Our Private Preschool, Your Little One Will Enjoy…

Small Class Sizes – Here at Woodcrest Preschool, class sizes are kept small so that each child can receive individualized attention from their instructor. Small class sizes also allow for greater flexibility when it comes to nurturing unconventional learning styles. At our private preschool, no child is ever “lost in the shuffle.”

Great Libraries – According to a 2014 study published in the Oxford University journal Social Forces, the mere proximity of books in a child’s life has a direct impact on their future academic performance. “We find that books in the home have a positive payoff in improved test scores throughout the world,” writes a research team led by University of Nevada-Reno sociologist Mariah Evans. “The relationship is strong, clear, and statistically significant in every one of the 42 nations (we studied).”

Special Learning Activities – Every preschool has toys, books, and craft activities, but not every preschool can boast the specialized learning activities students participate in here at Woodcrest. Our students enjoy arts and crafts, science activities, writing projects, cooking classes, gardening activities, yoga classes, and more! We are dedicated to raising the well-rounded, cultured citizens of tomorrow.

A Safe Environment – With on-campus violence at an all-time high, we understand that the parents of our preschool students are extremely concerned with school safety. To address those concerns, Woodcrest has adopted biometric fingerprint security readers at its Tarzana location. This means all parents must check via fingerprint scan in order to obtain an admission ticket that will allow them to pick-up or drop-off a child.  No Ticket, No Pickup!

Quality Food – Public school lunches have been a source of ongoing controversy in recent years. Struggling with slashed budgets, these schools have been forced to resort to low-quality food that inhibits learning aptitude. Here at Woodcrest Preschool, we’re dedicated to preparing healthy meals that adhere to personal dietary standards for each student. Some of the food even comes from our very own garden!

Woodcrest’s Preschool Classes Are Filling Up Fast!

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