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Why Choose A Private Kindergarten?

19 Jan 17

The moment you have a child, everything changes. One minute, your own health, safety, and happiness are your main priorities in life. The next? You have a tiny life in your hands that’s totally helpless and you instantly want to give it the very best that our beautiful world has to offer. Here at Woodcrest Preschool, we understand that today’s parents want their children to experience kindergarten in a different way than they did. Rigid learning environments and repetitive curriculum is out, and enriching, community-focused learning is in.

Keep reading to learn more about what sets the private kindergarten program at Woodcrest Preschool apart from the other educational options in the area. Then, contact our Tarzana location to learn more and schedule a family tour of our facility.

Woodcrest Kindergarten Programs Are NAEYC Accredited

One of the first and most important ways our private kindergarten programs are superior to other public and private options is that we are fully accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. To earn our accreditation, Woodcrest Preschool demonstrated that we meet or exceed national expectations for 10 kindergarten program criteria, including curriculum, teaching, healthy, and community relationships. This is an honor shared by only 10 percent of all early childhood education facilities in the United States! Accreditation is only the beginning of what we offer to our students, however.

Reasons To Enroll Your Child At Woodcrest Kindergarten In Tarzana

Teaching, Not Testing – One major flaw in today’s public education system is teaching children to pass standardized tests rather than teaching them to engage in lifelong, multisensory learning. Reading, writing, and arithmetic are important, but at Woodcrest, kindergarten students learn these basic skills through immersion in arts and crafts, science, cooking and play, and interaction with animals.

Learning Life Skills – Here at Woodcrest, we think of kindergarten as the first step in an educational journey that will last a lifetime. Everything about our classrooms, from toys and manipulatives to books and teachers, is designed to keep your child engaged, enthusiastic, and constantly striving for excellence.

Individualized Instruction – Where else can your kindergartener have access to healthy living skills, yoga, gardening, cooking, music, and art while also receiving high-quality instruction in STEM subjects? We take the time to understand how each individual child learns best, and nurture their natural skills.

Small Class Sizes – There’s no chance of your child being “lost in the shuffle” at our private kindergarten. Our class sizes are intentionally restricted so that each child has the opportunity to have their learning needs met in the manner that prepares them for the greatest success.

Shared Values & Culture – Truly enjoying and being empowered by one’s education means more than just being taught how to read and write correctly. Here at Woodcrest, we’re dedicated to helping you raise the leaders and model citizens of tomorrow. Our culture is centered around modern values and community service. It’s never too early for a child to learn how to be a good neighbor!

Create A Foundation For Life A Our Private Kindergarten!

We hope that this post has helped you to see all the benefits of attending our private kindergarten in Tarzana. We understand that choosing a private school for your child is a big decision, and we want you to feel completely comfortable with your final choice. Today’s parents have to be concerned about so much more than just the basics of education. Is your child being nurtured in their natural talents? Are they safe? Is their school providing a rich and diverse social environment? We can provide you with answers to all these questions and more.

That’s why we’d love to invite you to schedule a tour at our Tarzana location. You and your child can see the difference that attending a private, accredited kindergarten truly makes! Contact us today.