We care about your child’s safety at Woodcrest Preschool and have partnered with Procare, the leading preschool software company, to check in all parents with a biometric fingerprint reader.

To use the reader you simply place your finger on the glowing window, and the reader quickly and automatically scans your fingerprint. All parents will need to check-in and obtain an admission ticket in order to pick-up and drop-off a child. No Ticket, No Pickup!

Is the actual fingerprint of each person recorded?

No. Procare does not record the fingerprint of anyone. Instead a mathematical calculation (algorithm) is used, based on a unique set of data points within the fingerprint, to identify each person. In other words, a number (a value) is assigned to represent each fingerprint.

Can anyone else access the fingerprint information?

No. The print itself is not stored. Procare knows how to interpret the value assigned to represent each fingerprint in order to confirm that an authorized person is checking the children in. This is the only purpose of the fingerprint reader.

Does a fingerprint reader help prevent identity theft?

Yes, because only the person to whom the fingerprint belongs can check their children in and out. No one can pretend to be you since they cannot have the same fingerprint. Although a password or PIN can be lost or stolen – a fingerprint cannot.

Are there concerns about germs or hygiene?

No more so than opening a doorknob, using a keyboard, handling money or any other task where a surface is touched by multiple people.