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Myron & Arlene Lieberman
Our Founders
For over 10 years, Woodcrest's founder, Myron taught in the Beverly Hills school district. He enjoyed teaching high school, but his real passion was working with young children. His dream was to open up his own school to provide preschoolers with a strong academic foundation and a deep love of learning.
Scott Lieberman
In 2005, Scott took over the family-owned school business from his parents, Myron and Arlene. Scott lives in Tarzana with this wife and three children. His dream was to expand on the strong academic foundation and traditions by incorporating 21 century skills including collaboration, mindfulness and critical thinking.


Programs Available:


(2 years old to 5 years old)

Transitional Kindergarten (TK)

(fifth birthday after December 2)


(5 years old)

Programs Available:


(18 months to 24 months)


(2 years old to 5 years old)

Programs Available: 


(6 weeks to 18 months)


(18 months to 24 months)


(2 years old to 5 years old)


(5 years old)


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For over 45 years, the incredible teachers at Woodcrest Preschool have provided children starting at 18 months with a warm and nurturing environment where kids feel safe to grow.  Our curriculum is specially designed by our teachers using all the latest in early learning best practices to prepare children for the next chapter in life.  Our curriculum is filled with a healthy mix of academics, play, routines, yoga, gardening, cooking, music, art, math, pre-reading, social studies, animal exploration, and much more.  The most important part of early learning is having fun and learning to work with others.  We use monthly themes that allow our teachers showcase their creativity and passion for teaching the material to our kiddo’s.

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Getting to know You and Me/ School Safety & Rules/ Colors/ Shapes

Enhance and emphasize safety and school rules. Talk about what makes me special. Introduce colors and shapes. Begin pre- writing skills.


Five Senses/ Fall Season/ Columbus Day/ Halloween/ A, B, C, D/ Pre- K #’s 0, 1, 2 & 3. Preschool #0

Explore the five senses (touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing). Experience the wonderful changes of fall. Feature colors of the month are orange and black.


Fall Harvest/ Nutrition/ Veteran’s Day/ Thanksgiving Holiday/ E, F, G/ Pre K #’s 4 & 5. Preschool #1

Discuss healthy foods and the food pyramid. Explore fall crops and Thanksgiving holiday traditions. Feature color of the month is brown.


Winter Season/ Hibernation / Winter Holiday Traditions/ Review of Letters & #’s we have learned so far.

Observe the winter season and the changes in the weather. Discuss the changes in animal behaviors due to weather. Explore winter holiday traditions. Feature colors for the month are white and grey.


Community Helpers/ Martin Luther King Jr. Day/ Continue to explore the winter season. H, I, J, K/ Pre K #’s 6, 7 & 8. Preschool #2

Exploration of vocations. Discussions of the reasons people work. Parental job demonstrations are encouraged! Explore each child’s personal choice of jobs for the future. Feature colors for the month are silver and gold.


Healthy Habits/ Valentine’s Day/ President’s Day/ L, M, N, O/ Pre K #’s 9, 10, 11. Preschool #’s 3 & 4.

Explore the lives of Washington and Lincoln and the valuable lessons we have learned from them. Discuss personal hygiene and the need for sleep and physical activity. Feature color for the month is red.


Transportation/ Outer Space/ Spring Season/ Spring Planting/ St. Patrick’s Day/ P, Q, R, S/ Pre K #’s 12, 13, 14. Preschool #’s 5 & 6.

Examine the different modes of transportation. Explore the solar system. Discuss the changes in weather as the season of spring approaches. Observe seed and root growth. Feature colors for the month are green and yellow.


Animal Life/ Spring Holiday Traditions/ Earth Day/ T, U and review of the letters we have learned so far/ Pre K #’s 15 & 16. Preschool #’s 7 & 8.

Discuss the life cycle of animals (example- butterflies). Explore Spring holidays. Celebrate Earth Day and discuss recycling. Feature color of the month is purple. Continue to explore plant growth.


Cultures of the World/ Mother’s Day/ Memorial Day/ V, W, X, Y, Z/ Pre K #’s 17, 18 & 19. Preschool #’s 9 & 10.

Explore and examine cultural environments of other nations of the world. Discuss the diverse and similar customs, foods, clothing, homes, etc. Share children’s heritage through personal family items (costumes, food, dolls, customs and souvenirs.). Feature color of the month is pink.


Summer Season/ Pre K Graduation/ Father’s Day/ Flag Day/ Review the letters we have learned throughout the year/ Pre K # 20. Preschool review #’s 1-10.

Discuss the changes in weather as the season of summer approaches. Graduation activities for our Pre K students. Celebrate Father’s Day. Celebrate Flag Day. Feature color of the month is blue.

July and August

Call school for summer schedule.

In the summer each week has a theme with many arts and crafts activities along with special events at school each week. We will also continue to review all of our letters and numbers throughout the summer.

All subjects will be introduced through developmentally appropriate methods for each respective child.


Woodcrest Preschool art
Artist of the Month
Artist of the Month Each month, Woodcrest Preschool students learn about famous art masters. Teachers provide information on the artist’s background, read books, and showcase some of the most famous work. Children are then challenged to create their own master art projects using the techniques and materials of the artist. Art helps build motor skills, language development, decision making, and so much more.
Woodcrest Preschool dramatic play
Play & Imagination
We love to play and explore at Woodcrest Preschool. Research indicates that children learn best in an environment which allows them to explore, discover, and play. Play is an important part of a developmentally appropriate child care program. It is also closely tied to the development of cognitive, socio-emotional, and physical behaviors.
Woodcrest Preschool reading
Author of the Month
Woodcrest Preschool chooses an author of the month to help children connect with a story in a deeper way. Students develop and fine tune reading skills, build critical thinking skills, improve writing techniques, and have fun learning more in depth about what they are reading.
Woodcrest Preschool animals
Animal Exploration
Woodcrest works with Reptacular Animals to showcase animals from around the world. Each month, children learn about geography, habitats, eating habits, and most importantly get to interact with the animals. The program teachers about caring for animals and helping to ensure that animals never become endangered.


"I absolutely love this school! The teachers are all amazing! They are honestly like an extension of our family"
Mayor of Agoura
"I was really taken how neat and orderly everything was. Glad to have the school in our city and thanks again for the hospitality."
"Every teacher we met is caring, supportive, and knowledgeable. It is a true blessing to find such a great school."
"This is a place I can send my children everyday and feel confident in their safety, health, and education."