Welcome to Woodcrest Preschool

If you are searching for the best childcare option for your family you have come to the right place!   
Here are some great reasons to choose Woodcrest Preschool for your child's first early learning experience.
  • Compassion for other children
  • Adapting to new environments, learning new methods,  and working with different personalities 
  • Responsibility and learning routines
  • Engaged in learning that uses 21 century skills such as:  Collaboration, communication, and imagination.

Woodcrest Preschool offers child care programs at 5 locations throughout Southern California.  Our centers are located in Orange County, the San Fernando Valley, Thousand Oaks, and Agoura Hills.  We encourage you to visit with our preschool directors to learn more about Why Woodcrest is the best choice for care as well as an opportunity to meet our incredible teachers who demonstrate our values every day.  We have two easy ways to get in touch.  Call the phone number on this page or send an email to the Preschool Director.




Transitional Kindergarten

At Woodcrest Preschool we are dedicated to helping your child be the very best they can be.

At all of our Southern California preschools your child’s needs will be met by our energetic and experienced team of childcare professionals.  Our staff spend the day with your child reading books, singing, songs, teaching new ideas, and most importantly give hugs when needed.  We want to make sure that the time spent at Woodcrest Preschool is filled with fun, love, imagination and learning. 

Our preschools in Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills, the San Fernando Valley and Orange County are all full of stimulating and enriching activities, colors, numbers, shapes and more! Each and every day, your child will participate in age activities that are specifically designed to stimulate growth in all areas of child development (Motor, Social, Speech, and Cognitive Development)  Our incredible teachers will do everything in their power to guarantee that your child enjoys the time they spend at our Preschool. 

Each and every day, children at Woodcrest Preschool explore the classroom to engage in theme based activities and academic skill building.  Children are encouraged to express themselves through art and dramatic play while teachers supervise small group work in learning numbers, letters, shapes, and colors.  Reading is an important part of the daily routine.  Children are read to by teachers several times a day as well as get a chance to hang out in the reading center to practice or play. 

Communication is an important tool to develop trust and maintain a connection with parents.  At all of our 5 preschool locations we use an APP called Kid Reports.  This APP provides daily routines for infants and toddlers as well as lessons plans and pictures that are pushed out to parents every day.  Parents are happy to know that they will see their child’s smiling face every day as they grow at Woodcrest Preschool.  








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"I absolutely love this school! The teachers are all amazing! They are honestly like an extension of our family"
Woodcrest Preschool Parent
"I was really taken how neat and orderly everything was. Glad to have the school in our city and thanks again for the hospitality."
Part of the community
Mayor of Agoura Hills
"Every teacher we met is caring, supportive, and knowledgeable. It is a true blessing to find such a great school."
Great teachers
"This is a place I can send my children everyday and feel confident in their safety, health, and education."
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